Our Aim
Sumantra Ventures welcomes you to the 21st century Africa, an emerging market, which is about opportunities, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Sumantra Ventures aims at creating an enhanced and superior level of service for partners and customers on the latest technologies and the role has built on a unique business model with a specialized resource portfolio optimized for increasing adoption and market development of products and services.

OUR Offerings

Pitch your ideas to Sumantra Ventures and we will help you to shape your dreams globally.

Industry Understanding

Industry Research, Market Analysis, Competition Analysis

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Strategy Planning

Identification of customer’s strength & weakness & customizing business model which suites customer products.

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Business Operations

Negotiation, Recruitment, Distribution, Support for sales activities

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Collaborative partnerships

When our partners succeed, we succeed.

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Why Africa
Africa : A continent full of business opportunities

If you are a business or entrepreneur looking for growth and frontier markets then Africa has what you are looking for. This land offers tremendous economic growth, investment, and rapidly rising living standards. Currently, 6 of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa, and the ease of doing business in Africa is improving to the extent.

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