OUR Offerings

Pitch your ideas to Sumantra Ventures and we will help you to shape your dreams globally.

Industry Understanding

Industry Research, Market Analysis, Competition Analysis & finding root to market.

Strategy Planning

Identification of customer’s strength & weakness & customizing business model which suites customer products.

Business Operation

Negotiation, Partnership, Sourcing, Recruitment, Distribution, & Support for sales activities.

Collaborative partnerships in Africa

When our partners succeed, we succeed. We develop a keen understanding of our partner’s business and talent-related needs. We design customized solutions and deliver the talent you need to win.

Innovative and entrepreneurship Incubation

Leverage Sumantra Ventures to get started in Africa.
As early stage mentors, incubators are an important part of the startup ecosystem. We will help entrepreneurs to develop and scale their startups in Africa. We will provide technological facilities and advices, initial growth funds, network and linkages, co-working spaces in Africa, lab facilities, mentoring and advisory support.


We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward.
Sumantra Ventures is highly instrumental in highlighting and educating the customers about the latest products. With a right combination of resources, Sumantra Ventures bring your products to the market and in the process create a true value proposition for its partners. We’ll source from you and distribute your product to new markets creating value for entire supply chain.

Import & Export
Our Just in time approach and efficient supply chain creates many opportunities in import and export
  • Import and Export of Pharmaceuticals
  • Import and Export of Agriculture Products
  • Import and Export of FMCG
  • Import and Export of Packaging Products